About Us

Taezee is a premium kulfi parlor with the distinction of providing mouth-watering kulfis and dairy products finely sourced from top-quality ingredients to satisfy our esteemed customers’ tastebuds. We also pride ourselves in establishing a direct link from the farm to our consumers. We directly engage with reliable manufacturing companies and suppliers with a history of authenticity and commendable work ethic.

Taezee is known for producing kulfi flavors that explode with the authentic and exotic taste of royalty from the East. With each bite of our kulfi, you enjoy an eating experience that exudes in taste, texture, and aroma. Our kulfis come in 14 delicious flavors and five different ranges, all exclusively developed to delight your tastebuds.


Taezee is well-known for partnering with acclaimed establishments known for their refined skills and experience over the craft of producing a variety of high-quality dairy products. Taezee Kulfis are carefully crafted with lots of love by experts who have achieved mastery over the art of traditional kulfi-making for over four generations. Taezee also upholds moral values and ethical practices by ensuring the integrity of our kulfi production process. We preserve and practice classical methods of kulfi-making and conduct a periodic and strict quality inspection on each of the ingredients we use for the preparation and presentation of our products.

Goals & Visions

Taezee’s unwavering vision is to delight the tastebud of every citizen in the world to a wide range of delectable kulfis. In this age of globalization, we would like to champion newer and delicious kulfi-eating experiences with each bite taken from our premium kulfis. At Taezee, we create contemporary delights through classical approaches. We find joy in celebrating every instance that accelerates the progression of culture but continues to embrace old roots. Taezee always goes into the next day with the confidence and contentment of serving our customers only those dairy products that ooze with a rich taste and a creamy texture.